What We Stand For & What We Do for Our Clients

Whenever a new company appears on the custom writing arena, it is extremely difficult for them to find a place under the sun.  Customers are more likely to choose the brands that they’ve already used, even if the quality of their work left a lot of room for improvement.

However, every giant was new once – Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft, you name it. And it would be a great loss to refuse their products and services just because they are relatively new on the market.

Same thing with custom writing! Being a new company, we have to struggle for the attention of clients. However, we did a lot to be better than the rest of the companies on the market. Now, we are ready to offer you services of significantly higher quality. We need just a minute of your time to tell you how we differ from the competition, and why it would be a smart choice to get your papers here.

Here is where you will benefit

Remember we told you about the competition analysis we did before starting? It showed that the majority of services presented on the market had a number of universal flaws. They drove clients crazy! All we had to do is build our company so that such flaws never appear. And we did! Here is a breakdown.

  • Flaw No. 1: Orders taken but not delivered on time if at all

How we addressed it: Our system works to ensure that only those orders whose deadlines are physically possible to meet are taken into processing. In practice, you will see a message appearing whenever you choose a deadline for your order – if it’s too soon, the order won’t be possible to submit.

  • Flaw No. 2: Plagiarism in papers

How we addressed it: To ensure that our papers are original, we have hired the most diligent writers and provided a few stages of originality check. 100% of papers we send to our clients are original.

  • Flaw No. 3: Sky-high prices

How we addressed it: To reduce the prices, here at BrainyBro.Org we save on advertising and other organizational expenses. Generally, our prices are 15% lower than the average ones across the industry.

  • Flaw No. 4: Not enough writers to cover all disciplines

How we addressed it: We have found writers to cover over 60 disciplines even before we started and the team is growing slowly but steadily.

This foundation helps us deliver premium quality services to our clients. We might be not the most well-known name on the market – that’s why we work harder to make our customers happy.